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Tenancy Application FAQ's

What is 1Form?

1Form is a streamlined tenancy application management system that caters to the needs of rental applicants and property managers alike.

The 1Form solution allows you to manage your tenancy applications at a glance in a secure online account and apply for rental properties with just one form.

Why wont the property manager accept my 1Form rental application?

If you have applied for a listing through a direct 1Form application link, your application should be accepted by most property managers.

1Form applications are 100% industry compliant and comprehensive enough to include individual requirements of any property manager. If a listing that you have applied for has not specified their position on their acceptance of 1Form applications prior to your application contact your property manager to find out why your application was not accepted, alternatively, contact us and we will find out for you!

When will I get a response from the property manager about my application?

1Form applications are sent to your property managers secure online management system immediately after submission. Ensure you remain diligent by following up rental applications with respective property managers by telephone a few days after you have submitted your application to reiterate your interest in a specific property.

The application asked me for an inspection code, what is this and how do I get it?

An inspection code is a unique code provided to a prospective tenant at a property inspection. Inspection Codes verify that an applicant has inspected the property they are applying for. Please note: Inspection is not a prerequisite to all properties.

How do I start using 1Form?

Simply click on the "New User" link in the "Sign In" tab from the 1Form home page and you will be guided through the process in just a few minutes. Alternatively, click the apply button on the property you love within any major online real estate portal and you will be diverted to the simple 1Form application.

How do I submit a new rental application through 1Form?

1Form is the primary method of application across Australia and New Zealand. Simply click the apply button on the property you love and you will be diverted to the simple 1Form application.

Alternatively, click on the "New User" link in the "Sign In" tab above and 1Form will guide you through the process.

Remember, 1Form is here to create efficiency, so we have made it easy to manage your property applications at a glance in your secure account where you can delete and revise your applications, or even print a copy to take to an inspection!

I have forgotten my password.

Simply select "Forgot Password" from the Login page and follow the prompts. We will verify your account to ensure your security, and email you a link to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Select the "Edit Email/Password" link from the "My Account" tab and follow the simple prompts.

How do I update my profile?

To update personal, address, employment or reference details, select "Edit My Profile" from your user page or under the "My Account" tab.

How do I submit an application for another rental property?

With 1Form you can submit as many applications as you like! Simply select the "Send a New Application" button on your user page or under the "My Account" tab.

How secure is 1Form?

The privacy and security of members is a priority for 1Form.

High-security measures are enforced in order to maintain the security and integrity of customer information with encryption and server security equivalent to that of major banks. The dedicated server is hosted directly by 1Form, with administrative access restricted to only a small number of approved employees. A username and password is required to authenticate all users and security measures are in place to verify all password changes.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy or contact us for further information on website security.

I created my 1Form profile through a real estate site. Do I have to go back there to log in and send other applications?

Despite which website you used to initially create your account, you can login through any rental property listing with 1Form as the method of application or go directly to the website.

Why am I not receiving email notifications from 1Form?

The most common reason that emails are not received is because of aggressive spam filters on email servers. Check your spam or junk mail folder for your 1Form email notification and select "this is not junk" to add our address to your safe list.

So how can I submit a joint application with a friend/partner?

The primary applicant is required to nominate other rental applicants appearing on their joint application. The "how many tenants are occupying this property" section within the application is completed by nominating the names and email addresses of the joint applicants. 1Form is able to ensure all details on the application are cross-verified and accurate.

I am having trouble uploading my ID and supporting document files.

This may be related to the file type and size. Ensure your files are less than 2 megabytes in size and saved as .pdf, .jpg or .png file types only. Many other non-compatible file types can be changed to a 1Form compatible format by simply re-saving the file.

Why am I receiving an error message saying my supporting documents have a virus?

This error message is commonly relating to the file name due to stringent security scanning employed by the 1Form website. Simply ensure the file name of supporting documents are clear of any non-alphanumeric digits such as (! $ , % #) re-save your document and upload again.

Feel free to contact us directly for further information on combatting error messages.

How do I unsubscribe from 1Form emails?

1Form is not a subscription service; you will only receive email notifications from 1Form when solicited and relevant to your application or if you opt in to a moving service.

If you would like to delete your applications or stop receiving email notifications, simply select the Delete or Cancel options next to the relevant applications.

I have moved into my house, how do I delete my 1Form account?

Found the home of your dreams? Congratulations!

If you decide you would like to remove your 1Form account, simply click the Delete Account option from the "My Account" menu.

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